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We're Dan Gilbert Design. And we're so glad you're here.

Through a kaleidoscope of art, fashion, games, and interiors, we've created a place for people who – like us – focus on more

More fun. More beauty. More adventure. More health. More thoughtfulness. More humor. More peace. More self-expression. More learning. More joy. More wit. More movement. More more.

More of anything and everything that makes the world great – and less of what doesn't. 

We call it The Art of Living. 

So, where did we start with our designs?

With nature – naturally.

When it comes to The Art of Living, we instantly think of the natural world. That's why we've created designs that celebrate everything from arctic animals and rainforest creatures to dragonflies, butterflies, and birds.

In that same spirit, we produce everything with conscious consumption in mind and a commitment to minimizing waste in our supply chain wherever possible.

But, we knew that wasn't all.

So, we reflected on the other areas that make our life more beautiful. And, we created pieces to celebrate those too. Here are a few of our favorite themes...

The Adventure of Living

Designs that'll transport you to the rainforest, desert, and further afoot. Go on, explore.

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The Thrill of Living

Laughter. Learning. Exploration. With these pieces, we celebrate life's jokes and joys.

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The Zen of Living

Our mantras: look to the universe, trust inner wisdom, and choose optimism for the future.

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As a formally trained artist, photographer, and graphic designer with an extensive background in a wide range of media, Dan Gilbert is now bringing his renowned body of artwork to life in a fresh, new way.

Read on for a peek at the past and how it informs what we're so proud to share today.

In the early 1980s, Dan made a splash in the Bay Area and beyond. The initial focus of his artwork? Environmental awareness.

From the success of his initial posters, Dan grew his line into t-shirts, tote bags, hats, and much more. Plus, commisions from major institutions and licensing agreements with household name brands.


Originally designed in the mid-1980s, Triazzle puzzles became a hit in the industry when they launched – selling millions of units and winning a flurry of awards.

Since then, they've transformed into software and brainteasing apps. Now, find them in fashion and accessories, too!

Dan's kind heart, adventurous spirit, and artistic eye are the basis of all the products at Dan Gilbert Design.

Our hope is that these pieces will become a part of your joyful journey, too.

Dan's Partnerships & Accolades

"His work faithfully honors the spirit and artistic integrity of the genre. I don't know of any other artists today who are designing original modern crate labels so authentically and beautifully."

– Thomas Jacobsen, authority on vintage crate labels

Triazzle Awards

Duracell Toy Winner, Parents Choice Awards, Newsweek Best Toys, National Perenting Center, Great American Toy Test, Family Fun Toy of the Year, and more

"These are one of my favorite styles of poster art... I love them so much that I have framed and mounted Gravenstein Posters from the last 6 years in my kitchen. Looking for a space right now to hang #7.”

– Brent Farris, Radio Host, KZST

An Interactive Community

UpFashin is a place to gather, create, and grow the sustainable future we all hope for. It is also where we discover and learn more about sustainable materials, green thinking, and all the skills required to create a legacy we can all be proud of.



"Our natural history is rooted in shared resources. As we emerged from our ancestral beginnings, we learned to share food, shelter, language, and knowledge. We gathered to create and grow.

Our ability to do these three things is the heart of our character as a species. The way we use these three fundamental abilities will determine the quality of our future and that of those that follow.

Our purpose in sponsoring UpFashin is to invite and enable a gathering of individuals to create and grow sustainable practices in the Fashion Ecosystem."


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