Triazzle® Puzzle -  Triazzle Butterflies
Triazzle® Puzzle -  Triazzle Butterflies
Triazzle® Puzzle -  Triazzle Butterflies

Triazzle® Puzzle - Triazzle Butterflies

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Discover the captivating world of the Triazzle Butterfly Puzzle, an ingeniously designed piece by the celebrated inventor Dan Gilbert. This educational puzzle, part of the renowned Triazzle puzzles collection, is a perfect blend of brain-teasing challenge, nature art, and the beauty of butterflies.

Housed in a specially crafted tray that's integral to the puzzle, this innovative butterfly puzzle is as beautiful as it is challenging. The tray not only secures the pieces for easy portability but is also part of the puzzle-solving experience - you'll need to harmonize the design on your puzzle pieces with the one etched into the tray.

Dimensions 13" X 11.25" X .25"

This unique puzzle serves as a mesmerizing mosaic that's sure to engage family members of all ages. Start by removing the triangular pieces from the game board, shuffle them around, and then begin the task of reassembling them in a way that each picture matches seamlessly with the others. While it might appear straightforward at first glance, you'll quickly discover the captivating complexity that's hidden within.

The Triazzle Butterfly Puzzle, inspired by the beauty of butterflies and the importance of their conservation, has been delighting and challenging minds since 1991, gaining a faithful following of enthusiasts globally. It’s an irresistible challenge for everyone, from grade school children to college graduates: can you successfully assemble the triangles with all pictures matching? It’s Harder Than It Looks!

Over the years, Triazzle has been acknowledged by industry experts, earning numerous prestigious awards like Dr. Toy's Best Classic Products, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, and the National Parenting Center. It's also expanded into a range of over 100 brain-teasing puzzles, including computer games and smartphone apps, maintaining its relevance in the ever-evolving world of puzzles.

Dive into the thrilling challenge of the Triazzle Butterfly Puzzle and exercise your brain in the most entertaining way possible! This nature puzzle not only provides a fun challenge but also promotes appreciation for the beauty of our natural world and its inhabitants. It's a perfect blend of education, entertainment, and a love for nature and wildlife conservation.

Triazzle was invented and designed by Dan Gilbert.

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